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Gmc Sierra number 1 truck come and see your Gmc Sierra at your Gmc dealer Denis Breton.

The GMC Sierra 1500: Because You Need The #1 Truck



We are definitely not short on big, powerful, and efficient trucks. However, in this part of the market as in any other, there is a number 1: the GMC Sierra 1500. This is a factual conclusion based on an honest comparison with one of the best vehicles sold by a very well-known competitor, the Ram 1500. When you feel convinced the GMC Sierra is the superior model, we invite you to come over and see for yourself at Denis Breton, your Chevrolet car dealership located in Saint-Eustache, near Laval and the North-Shore, and take it on a smooth test drive.


Numbers Don’t Lie


The entry on the market of the 2016 models of these two vehicles is quite remarkable, yet nothing allows us to assume that the results would be radically different with the most recent models. Comfort wise, the Sierra wins the competition hands down on top of offering a more luxurious and larger interior, allowing more space for passengers or for storage. The Sierra also has an uncommon yet fun feature, an entertainment system for the passengers sitting in the back. In addition, the comfort can be felt through its smooth driving thanks to the shock absorption system that the Sierra has as well as a built-in 4G Wi-Fi technology. Whether you be working or spending quality time with the family, you will definitely feel more comfortable behind the wheel of the GMC Sierra than the Ram 1500’s.


When Performance Matters


Performance wise, the GMC Sierra 1500 keeps dominating: the Ram 1500’s 8-cylinder and 5.7-liter engine cannot compete with the Sierra’s 8-cylinder and 6.2-liter engine. Our champion can produce 420 horsepower, far ahead of its competitor who can only allow for 395. On top of these results, the Ram’s fuel consumption is greater: this truck consumes 15.8/10.8 L/100km in the city and on the road respectively, whereas our number 1 consumes only 14.6/10.4 L/100km in similar conditions. To add to these numbers, the GMC Sierra 1500 has a superior towing capacity by more than half a ton (5.4 tons) compared with the Ram 1500’s (4.8 tons).


However, do not get us wrong: the truck used for this comparison is a very solid one. The Sierra 1500 is simply stronger in all aspects, period. In short, when you feel you need the best available truck there is, come see us at Denis Breton, your Chevrolet car dealership in Saint-Eustache, near Laval and the North-Shore.

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