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Denis Breton Chevrolet St-Eustache offers you the chance to get auto financing fast.

Give Yourself Second Chance !


Denis Breton Chevrolet offers you the chance to obtain a car financing quickly.

Banking institutions’ loans are granted to people whom they deem financially capable of repaying them. The assessment process, as a result, is based on your credit report. However, does it really reflect your actual financial capacity and habit?

We encountered all kinds of customers, who suffered from this paralogized judgement, and have seen their request rejected by their bank, simply because their credit report was tarnished by the ups and downs of life. A good example to illustrate this is the consignment loan which compels many, to take responsibility on behalf of the borrower. Unfortunately, a large number of customers ignore to which extent this option can damage their credit report. Is that fair ? Not at all. And it is even less fair when financial institutions refuse to grant them a car loan for this reason.

Another common case is the client who is in full recovery from a bankruptcy. A financial difficulty happened five years ago does not mean that it is still the case right now. Yet again, by a false premise, a note will remain a major dent in the credit report for at least 6 years after being freed. The banks flatly refuse to finance someone with a bankruptcy note. Does that mean he will not be able to get a small car to get to work? Again, this a result of inaccurate gauging.

Denis Breton Chevrolet can’t do magic and cleanse your credit record in the twinkling of an eye, although it would wholeheartedly, though it would if it were possible. However, it does not like to disappoint anyone, so it has to offer an alternative option at all costs. That is why your Denis Breton Chevrolet dealer now offers a possibility to finance your car, regardless of your financial condition.

How is it possible? Denis Breton Chevrolet gives you a second chance funding credit with rates among the best in Quebec, and our prompt and personalized customer service offered by experienced financial advisors will bear no judgment. The whole process will be simple, discrete and in partnership with several financial institutions, to offer a financing plan following an evaluation of possible solutions. The second chance credit plan that we will offer will not only allow you to purchase a new vehicle, but will also prove your financial ability and gradually restore your credit rating. Need a used car, we have other options too!

Whether you are bankrupt, newcomer, unemployed or retired, we can help you find an auto loan. Visit us to find out how Denis Breton Chevrolet can help you find the financing plan that suits you best.

Denis Breton Chevrolet offers you the chance to obtain a second chance for a car financing quickly.
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