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Buick Lacrosse 2017 dealer available from Denis Breton at St-Eustache near Laval.

Buick : the trendiest « old people » cars

Did you ever come across an ad for a Buick-branded vehicle on the radio or while watching TV and immediately drop your focus because you didn’t feel like it was intended for your demographic? Do you have the (wrong) impression that Buick is an old brand that produces likewise vehicles for a middle-aged (or older) public? If you answered “yes” to any of these two questions, you might consider paying a visit at Denis Breton, the Chevrolet’s car dealer at Saint-Eustache, near Laval and Montreal’ North shore, you will stand corrected.


The “old people’s cars” era is over

Did you take a look at Buick’s offering recently? Do you really think that the Lacrosse 2017 looks like an out-of-fashion car just good enough for your grandfather? We’re talking about a bomb on wheels, with an impressive 3.6-liter, 6-cylinder engine producing around 310 HP, not a Camry. Now you fear you won’t be able to handle such a powerful car? There is no shame in that. Consider the Regal 2017, then. Granted, it “only” has a 2-liter engine but this one can deliver a jaw-dropping (for a 4-cylinder) 259 HP. Sounds like an overkill for you? The Verano represents the best of both world with its bigger (but less aggressive) 2.4-liter engine. On the design, now… Granted, the full-size, luxurious Sedan Lacrosse sports a modern, bold exterior with its sculpted lines; indeed, the inside of the smaller but classy Regal is an excellent indicator of the pleasure you’ll feel behind its wheel; and yes, it’s undeniable than the comfort of the Verano will make you spend more time than necessary driving it, but you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet anyways. At Denis Breton Chevrolet & Buick, you’ll see with your own eyes what we can’t faithfully describe.

Buick: for all the tastes and all the wallets

You’re more a SUV guy than a sedan’s? Buick has a model for all types of drivers and all budgets. The Encore 2017, this luxurious compact SUV, is ideal for those who want more room than available in a conventional trunk without going for a full-size SUV. Its big sister, the Envision 2017, will appeal to the drivers looking for a normal-sized, luxurious SUV. Finally, if you want to have everybody staring at your car on the street, you should definitely ask for the Enclave 2017 as soon as you arrive at Denis Breton, your Chevrolet’s car dealer at Saint-Eustache, near Laval and Montreal’s North shore.


You won’t be leaving this car dealer still thinking that Buick are out-of-fashion, that’s for sure!


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