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The Corvette Stingray 2017 advanced engineering at the service of performance come discover it at Denis Breton in St-Eustache.

The Corvette Stingray 2017: cutting edge engineering at the service of performance

There are many car manufacturers out there that call their vehicles « sport » or speak of « performance » in vain. However, these words still have very specific meanings and vehicles that fit their definitions come out naturally on top. The Corvette Stingray 2017 belongs to this category of vehicles that transpire performance and invite one to a quiet, respectful contemplation. You can go check it out at Denis Breton, your Chevrolet’s car dealer from Saint-Eustache, near Laval and Montreal’s North shore.
A design that makes no compromises
The Corvette Stingray 2017 doesn’t aspire to be a polyvalent, multi-usages vehicle. It is a performant sport car in its inspiration and its design, period. The exterior of the vehicle shows the true intent of the manufacturer with its aggressively sculpted lines and its small cabin built to fit perfectly a driver-pilot. It remains true whether you choose the coupe or the convertible sedan version. No detail was overlooked: the hood is equipped with an air extractor that reduces wind resistance in order to improve the high speed stability of the vehicle; the front and back lights have been precisely crafted to ensure an optimal, distinctive presence on the road; each available color (Twilight Blue, Spice Red and Black Suede) has its owns custom design elements; and you’ll notice all that before even sitting behind the wheel.
Cabin and performance
The cabin of the Corvette Stingray 2017 maintains the high standard set by its exterior. The construction is bold but fluid, natural, thanks to the premium materials that it uses. The dashboard is equipped with a mini control center that provides the driver with relevant informations in real time so he can keep all his attention on the road ahead. Seats (both stock and optional) are inspired from those of real race cars. The bottom of the wheel is flattened to allow for a better grip and an overall better driving experience. On the performance side, the Corvette Stingray 2017 comes with an 8-cylinder, 6.2-liter engine that produces over 460 HP. Daredevils will be pleased to learn that this monster can go from 0 to 96 km/h in less than 4 seconds! The basic transmission is a 7-speed manual one but you have the option to go for the 8-speed automatic one. Such a machine deserves the best performance options, and the Z51 suit represents just that: we’re talking about an improved braking system, a choc-absorbent suspension, a stainless steel muffler, 19 inches wheels in the front and 20 in the back, etc.

 Corvette Stingray 2017 at Denis Breton Chevrolets car dealer from Saint-Eustache, near Laval and Montreals North shore.

If you’re a true sport cars’ lover, you can’t be wrong by going with the Corvette Stingray 2017. You’ll find it at Denis Breton, your Chevrolet’s car dealer from Saint-Eustache, near Laval and Montreal’s North shore


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